Are You Good Enough?

Is your music good?

A professional producer asked me this the other day. Then immediately said, “don’t answer that”.

The question was innocent. But he realized right away how unhelpful it is to ask someone to judge themselves on the spot.

We would have to spend a lot of time defining good before the question could be helpful.

When a music pro says someone is good, it carries a lot of meaning.

When an average listener likes something, it simply means they like it.

The music pro is looking through the lens of mastery. A strange combination of technical ability, mindfulness and vulnerability.

The master does not have to show they are good. They have nothing to prove. You can feel it.

The average listener operates completely on feeling. That’s how super simple songs become wildly popular.

But there is a third judge of your music beside professionals and consumers. The most important judge. Probably the most difficult to please. Certainly the only one that matters.


Do you like your songs? Do you think they are good ?

Are you good?

By default, we try to answer these questions from the viewpoint of other people. Real and imagined.

People you will never meet. Family, friends and work colleagues you see every day.

But it doesn’t matter what they think. So ask again.

What do you – the real you – think of your music?

Do you cherish it? Does it comfort you? Is every feeling in your heart a good one?

Then guess what? Your music is good.

You are good.

The real challenge here is getting to the place where you interact with your true self. Not your idea of everyone else’s idea of yourself.

What You Think They Think Is Not Who You Really Are

I find meditating a few minutes every day to be the best way to find that place.

And if when I catch myself being too hard on myself, the fix becomes pretty simple.

Drop down into feeling with the heart instead of thinking with the head.

Try it out the next time you are faced with the question, “Are you good enough?”.

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