Someone Else Has The Same Problems You Do

Trying to get everyone out of the house in the morning is an action-packed event.

Food is getting made and packed and eaten too fast.

Trying to clean as we go. It’s a mess.

Schedules are getting reviewed and negotiated under the strictest of deadlines. Don’t miss that school bus.

Germans love bubbles in their water. I’ve grown to like it myself at times. But lugging a case of soda water back and forth from the store is where I draw the line.

So the sound of injecting bubbles into tap water has become a familiar one in our home. Until this morning.

The Sodastream contraption stopped working. Throw it away and get a new one? That would be a shame.

Fix it? But how?

What would you do?

That’s right. Search the internet.

Somebody else has had this problem before. It’s amazing how many people have exactly the same problems as me and take the time to share how they fixed it.

It doesn’t matter how bizarre or mundane the problem is.

  • A broken household appliance.
  • Programming code.
  • Spotify loudness levels.
  • Dealing with teenagers.
  • Or dealing with your own head trash.

Someone else has been through it before. And they usually want to help other people with the same problem. Must be a part of being human.

Everyone Gets Nervous

I went to a songwriting retreat this weekend and am blown away by all the talented people I got to meet. I definitely felt like I was in over my head.

But something strange kept happening when we played our songs for each other on the last night. (It turned into such an awesome jam session. It’s a miracle the cops didn’t show up.)

Half of these super talented artists were visibly nervous before they started performing.

We’d been gushing over each other’s talent all weekend. Every side conversation included, “Can you believe how amazing so and so’s voice is?”

Yet there we were, in that tense moment before you launch into a song. Feeling like everything is going to go wrong.

Why is it so hard to believe people when they say you are good?

What if they are not “just being nice”.

It’s actually pretty messed up to think people are lying to you just to be nice.

That happens sometimes for sure.

But more often than not, people do not go out of their way to compliment and encourage you unless they mean it.

What would happen if you decided to believe the compliments?

What would happen if you decided to accept the support?

Enjoy the applause.

What would happen?

  • You would have to believe in yourself.
  • You would have to show up every day and do the work.
  • You would have to put your vulnerability on display.

And there will be assholes. Choose not to believe them.

Dealing with feedback is something I need to add to my practice routine.

  • Ignore the negativity.
  • Accept the criticism.
  • Believe the praise.

Until now, my habit has been to believe the negativity and ignore the praise.

What we do with negativity, criticism and praise can be a choice.

Or it can be automatic.

Let’s make it a choice.

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