What’s your favorite song?

What’s your favorite song?

I hate that question.

There’s just too many to choose from.

But when put on the spot, something will pop in my head. And in that moment, it is indeed my all-time favorite song.

Know why?

Because only one song can play at a time. Especially in your head. Try it.

Maybe there are savant DJ’s out there that can actually hear mash-up’s in their mind’s ear. But most of us are stuck with one tune at a time.

And that is a wonderful thing.

One song is a meditation. Absorbing all of our focus. Blocking everything else out.

Instead of fighting the song “stuck in your head”, embrace it. Go with the flow. Listen to it.

Give it all of your focus. (Just not while driving or walking a tight-rope. Ok?)

Come back to it throughout the day. Can you play the whole thing in your head? What part keeps sticking out?

What lyrics resonate most? How does that melody feel?

Do the words have deeper meaning for you?

I started playing with this idea out of necessity. There were times when the music Would. Not. Stop.

Embrace the earworm.

– Nobody ever.

It was on the edge of driving me mad. Robbing me of sleep. Stealing attention from the people around me. 

I needed a way to press stop and eject the tape.

By zooming in and analyzing different parts of the song…

  • The structure
  • The lyrics
  • The rhythm
  • The mix

…we are effectively pressing pause. Taking the brain out of auto-play. Placing a steady hand on the spinning turntable.

The master level of this exercise is being able to stop the music completely. 

I believe this practice actually trains the brain to listen to us. Being able to stop unwanted thoughts at will is an incredibly useful skill.

What a relief it is to be ok without thought. 

And if the music keeps going, that’s ok too.

PostScript. Today, the song that popped in my head was Leave Without A Trace by Sould Asylum. Not a bad choice for a favorite song.

The lyric that stuck out:
See the open mouth of my suitcase, saying leave this place

I analyzed the shit out of that. 

Was my subconscious telling me to pack up and go?

Or was I attracted to that phrase because I need a change of scenery for a few days?

It turns out, the metaphor of the talking suitcase is what got my attention. The metaphor put me in touch with that feeling of wanting to see something new.

Your turn. What’s your favorite song?

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