It started as a muffled drone.

A simple distraction that could work its way up to a comforting, internal massage.


A simple tool that is always there for me. Whenever my little mind starts pointing out how shitty everything is.

Just breathe in and barely touch the vocal cords together while breathing out.

That first step requires such little effort. Even if all that comes out is a miserable whisper of a groan. There is something empowering about it.

Let the in-breaths get deeper. Feel the vibration in the chest, throat and head.

Trust yourself. Open your mouth slightly.

Let the moving air develop into a chant, a meditation. Or see it simply for the beautiful vibration it is. Created by and for you.

I usually wind up sitting quietly after a few minutes. Enjoying the absence of thought.

Other times, a single, barely audible out-breath is enough to trigger a bit of inner peace.

Before you know it you may find yourself singing in the shower, in the car and not caring who hears it.

Just like you used to.

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