Singer-songwriter Patrick Murray’s solo career began after he was kicked out of his high school band 30 years ago and started hitting the party circuit, building a reputation as the guy with the acoustic guitar banging out Cat Stevens songs and American Pie to inebriated yet appreciative audiences.

Since his early days creating music under his own name, Patrick has refined his ability to help people look at the bright side and appreciate the mystery of life through his thoughtful, upbeat brand of rock.

Patrick has experimented with a range of genres throughout his career, integrating the most interesting facets of off-the-beaten-path styles ranging from dream pop to shoegaze, while drawing inspiration from legends like Billy Joel, Tom Petty, David Bowie and Rush as well as the entire dial of 80’s and 90’s NYC radio.

Lyrically, Patrick is a prolific storyteller, infusing each song with the desire to motivate and inspire while poking at the bruises and scars that life is bound to leave on the best of us.

Even after moving from his East Coast hometown to Europe and taking a 15-year hiatus from music to raise a family, his passion for songwriting has remained unchanged. As the new year begins, Patrick’s nose remains close to the grindstone in the studio, as he prepares to release his upcoming album, 12 Notes And A Heartbeat, and plans a series of intimate house concerts in Germany.

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